Sovereign Gold Bond / SGB Calculator : Investment & Returns

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Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

The Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) is a government-backed scheme that offers investors the opportunity to invest in gold without having to worry about the storage and security issues associated with physical gold. An investment calculator for SGB can help investors estimate the returns on their investment and plan their finances accordingly.

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) issue dates 2023-24

# Series Subscription Date Price Issue Date
1 Series I (2023-24) 19th June - 23rd June, 2023 ₹5,926 27th June, 2023
2 Series II (2023-24) 11th September - 15th September, 2023 ₹5923 20th September, 2023
3 Series III (2023-24) 18th December - 22nd December, 2023 ₹6199 28th December, 2023
4 Series IV (2023-24) 12th Feb - 16th Feb, 2024 ₹6263 21st Feb, 2024

Sovereign Gold Bond SGB issue price 2023

Discover the exclusive details of Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGB) 2023, where the issue price is intricately linked to the Indian Rupees and determined by the simple average of the closing price of 999 purity gold. This vital information is sourced from the India Bullion and Jewellers Association Limited (IBJA) and is based on the last three working days of the week preceding the subscription period.

Investors looking to capitalize on this golden opportunity can enjoy a special incentive. By subscribing online and opting for digital mode payments, they stand to benefit from a reduced issue price, slashed by ₹50 per gram. Stay informed about SGB 2023 dates and make the most of this lucrative investment opportunity.

Tax Benifits of SGB / Sovereign Gold Bond

Fully tax exemption for income tax on SGB / Sovereign Gold Bond after maturity. After maturity there are no scope for deduction on Long-term Capital Gains (LTCG) or Short-term Capital Gain (STCG).

How Does Sovereign Gold Bond Calculator Work?

An SGB investment calculator takes into account the prevailing market price of gold and the amount invested by the investor to estimate the returns on their investment. The calculator uses a formula that takes into account the prevailing gold price, the rate of interest, and the duration of the investment.

Why Use a Sovereign Gold Bond Investment Calculator?

Estimating the Returns: By using an SGB investment calculator, investors can estimate the returns on their investment and plan their finances accordingly.

Understanding the Impact of Gold Prices: The prevailing market price of gold can have a significant impact on the returns offered by SGB. By using an SGB investment calculator, investors can determine the impact of different gold prices on their investment returns.

Planning for the Future: By using an SGB investment calculator, investors can plan for their future and ensure that they have sufficient savings to meet their financial goals.

Comparing Different Investment Options: Investors can use an SGB investment calculator to compare the returns offered by different investment options and choose the one that best fits their financial goals.

Taking Advantage of Tax Benefits: SGB offers tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, which allows investors to claim deductions on their investments. By using an SGB investment calculator, investors can ensure that they take full advantage of these tax benefits

The maturity amount of a Sovereign Gold Bond investment is calculated using the following formula:

Maturity Value = (Investment Amount x Prevailing Price of Gold x (1 + Rate of Interest/100))/100
Maturity value = the total value of the investment at maturity
Investment amount = the amount invested initially
Prevailing price of gold = the price of gold at the time of investment
Rate of interest = the interest rate offered by the scheme
Duration of investment = the number of years the investment is held

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Essential KYC Documentation for Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Investment

Discover the KYC Requirements for Gold Purchases: Familiarize Yourself with the Norms

Unlock the key details on Know-Your-Customer (KYC) norms, aligning with the standards set for physical gold transactions. To facilitate a seamless process, ensure you have essential KYC documents such as Voter ID, Aadhaar card, PAN or TAN, and Passport. It's imperative that every application includes the mandatory 'PAN Number' issued by the Income Tax Department to both individuals and entities. Stay informed and compliant for a hassle-free experience in gold transactions.

Conclusion :

An SGB investment calculator is a useful tool for investors looking to invest in gold without the associated storage and security issues. By using an SGB investment calculator, investors can estimate the returns on their investment, compare different investment options, and plan their finances accordingly. Whether you're a gold enthusiast or someone looking for a safe and secure investment option, an SGB investment calculator can help you achieve your financial goals. So, if you're ready to start investing in gold and take advantage of the benefits offered by SGB, start using an SGB investment calculator today!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What is the next issue date of SGB 2023 24?

Next issue date of SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) Series III for 2023-24 is 18th - 22nd December, 2023. The Date of Issuance is 28th December, 2023.

Is it mandatory to redeem SGB after 8 years?

Though the tenor of the bond is 8 years, early encashment/redemption of the bond is allowed after fifth year from the date of issue on coupon payment dates. The bond will be tradable on Exchanges, if held in demat form.

Can I exit SGB before 5 years?

Although the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) has a tenor of 8 years, it can be redeemed prematurely on coupon payment dates after the 5th year from the date of issue. A charge of ₹150 + 18% GST will be imposed for rematerialisation or redemption.

Can I buy SGB multiple times in a year?

An investor/trust can buy 4 Kg/20 Kg worth of gold every year as the ceiling has been fixed on a fiscal year (April-March) basis.

When can I buy SGB in 2024?

SGB (Sovereign Gold Bond) 2023-24 scheme Series IV subscription will be start from 12th - 16th February, 2024. Date of Issuance - 21st February, 2024.